Example activities

·       Scoping (understanding policy landscape and stakeholder mapping)

·       Network building

·       Writing briefings

·       Designing events (online and in person)

·       Running events (online and in person)

·       Writing blogs

·       Social media planning and delivery

·       Co-ordinating consultation response

·       Drafting consultation response

·       Scripting and recording a podcast

·       Scripting and shooting a video

Example outputs

·       Meeting with policymaker

·       Workshop with policymakers

·       Webinar/panel event with policymakers

·       Published policy briefing (plus dissemination activities)

·       Consultation response submitted

·       Press release

·       Blog published

·       Other social media (tweets etc)

·       Contributing expertise (e.g. as a member of an advisory committee)

·       Podcast

·       Video