Blossom Fernandes

Research Fellow on NIHR Mental Health Implementation Network project


I’m a mental health researcher interested in using evidence to reduce disparities in and improve access to services.

I'm currently a Research Fellow on the NIHR Mental Health Implementation Network project which supports the delivery of evidence based mental health interventions. Here I am working on evaluating the implementation of mental health interventions in England.

Prioritising co-production in evidence use

Previously, I was a project manager and postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University, where I worked on the MindKind Study, within this study we have prioritised co-production. The experts by experience have provided us with key insights into the way we conduct and disseminate research.

Research practice

My research so far has largely focused on factors which affect youth mental health in the UK and, low- and middle-income countries. These projects are particularly centred around the psychosocial factors which impact mental health in children and young people.

Transforming mental health research

Having worked on the Co-PACT project which examines the experiences of service users detained under the Mental Health Act, I’ve been further interested in understanding how policy can be used to improve services, particularly for those from minority ethnic backgrounds.

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