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Transforming Evidence shares expertise about how evidence is produced and used.

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We’re a community of scholars, practitioners, funders and others interested in the use of evidence.

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We identify and undertake key research about the sharing, generation and use of evidence.

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Developing systems for science advice to governments and parliament

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We are recruiting an Advisory Board that combines the expertise of our key stakeholders.

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Joel Malin

3 days ago

Implications: We suggest practitioners should act as critical consumers of professional info. Likewise, researchers can adjust and apply the tools and frame used; we believe we have demonstrated a way to analyse translation and mobilisation processes. (4/x)

Joel Malin

3 days ago

Why the new findings matter: This study demonstrates a means to examine research translation and findings enable the advancement of theoretical propositions regarding how advocates interpret and frame evidence. (3/x) https://t.co/M6uFNwLlsC https://t.co/VKR3B6bCu8

Susan Oman

4 days ago

@FarleyRipple @TransformUre @CairneyPaul @oliver_kathryn This isn’t strictly org politics, but may be helpful in looking at KB+? https://t.co/sjxRMe1MCi

Dr. Farley-Ripple

5 days ago

Friends that study coproduction, STS, knowledge mobilization, brokers: looking for papers that use lens of org politics to understand KMb, KB, boundary spanning work. Please RT too! Thank you in advance! @TransformUre #rppnetwork #transformure @CairneyPaul @oliver_kathryn

Transforming Evidence

5 days ago

Organisational studies people, have you thoughts? @RomanKislov @RuthBoaden you probably have people to recommend? https://t.co/VhBdPgxGn2

Transforming Evidence

1 week ago

New research-policy/practice partnership - can we introduce you to @RPP_Network @Care_RPPs @ccfarrell @FarleyRipple We think you guys have lots in common - if you connect let us know! https://t.co/WvJ5qbMSAc

Co-Production Collective

1 week ago

CEPHI is a research project that aims to understand how we can make research evidence more useful for local decision-making. Come along to the workshop next week to find out more! Register: https://t.co/OsXwkSxoAW https://t.co/Vy0cTPa6QZ

Transforming Evidence

1 week ago

Do you research evidence production and use? The @uremethods is seeking insights into what research methods people use to explore these issues. Get in touch! https://t.co/UtMZY6eSnW

URE Methods Repository

1 week ago

The Use of Research Evidence (URE) Methods Repository is looking for works to expand our collection in 2022. Find out more here: https://t.co/03K1TriEr3

Angela Bednarek

1 week ago

Reflecting on a great 2021 and excited to see what 2022 holds! It was a great year for the @PewTrusts #EvidenceProject! This past year, we had many wonderful conversations about transforming how evidence is generated, mobilized, and used (1/7)

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