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Transforming Evidence shares expertise about how evidence is produced and used.

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We’re a community of scholars, practitioners, funders and others interested in the use of evidence.

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We identify and undertake key research about the sharing, generation and use of evidence.

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Transforming Evidence is developing its governance structures.


We are recruiting an Advisory Board that combines the expertise of our key stakeholders.

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Monash Q Project

1 day ago

Making, Mobilizing, & Using Evidence in Policy & Practice, the inaugural conference of the Transforming Evidence Network (TEN) @wtgrantfdn @pewtrusts @TransformUre Oct. 4-5 with our own @markrickinson @monasheducation LIVE at Miami Beach. 🏖 #EVIDENCE2022 https://t.co/d8N9M6es7c https://t.co/5w1JA1FPgv

The Center for Implementation

1 week ago

In our last bulletin we shared this article which explores the lived experience of implementation support practitioners and discusses pathways to build an implementation support workforce. https://t.co/i281y6ofLC @allisonjmetz @toddmjensen @AnnetteBoaz @imppractice @TransformUre

Annette Boaz

1 week ago

So much of change is about people so it’s lovely to see the team behind the brilliant @EvidenceComm work @TransformUre 👏 https://t.co/GmCtWO8nCB

Dr. Farley-Ripple

4 days ago

Looking for citation about evidence-use policies/initiatives needing to better use the evidence base in evidence use. I know I’ve read this. Can’t remember where. #ure @TransformUre RT please and thank you!

Adam Gamoran

4 days ago

@FarleyRipple @TransformUre Ha! That’s one of ours @wtgrantfdn, authored by the inestimable @KimDuMont1 - “Reframing evidence-based policy to align with the evidence” about evidence-based policy! https://t.co/g0mm3lP1pU

Allison Metz

5 days ago

How can we build trust to support #ImpPractice and evidence use? How does trust contribute to #implementation outcomes? Our new open source paper addresses these questions! #ImpSci @toddmjensen @AnnetteBoaz @UNC_SSW @wtgrantfdn @TransformUre @mel_villodas https://t.co/BIKZyeIgVd

Global Commission on Evidence

3 days ago

If you weren't able to attend #GIN2022Toronto, here are some insights shaved by @GrimshawJeremy as part of a panel on strengthening the global evidence architecture in ways that support the production and use of high-quality guidelines https://t.co/W26IJaciuU

Sonja Blum

7 months ago

What is evidence? What is policy? How do they connect? @PattynValerie and I conducted a PRISMA review of public policy lit on evidence & policy. It reveals significant differences in conceptualisations + provides a heuristic https://t.co/yzpH4TCFrX @TransformURE @ECPRKnowledge https://t.co/JQy7iY3Bt5

Evidence & Policy

3 weeks ago

🌟 📢 New blog post from @EvidencePolicy! 🌟 'What is ‘#evidence’? What is ‘#policy’? Conceptualising the terms and their connections' By @_sonjablum & @PattynValerie @policypress @zpneal @CarolineJOliver @TransformURE @ECPRKnowledge Read it here ⬇️ https://t.co/deGwX7eBJ9

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