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Transforming Evidence shares expertise about how evidence is produced and used.

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We’re a community of scholars, practitioners, funders and others interested in the use of evidence.

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We identify and undertake key research about the sharing, generation and use of evidence.

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Transforming Evidence is developing its governance structures.


We are recruiting an Advisory Board that combines the expertise of our key stakeholders.

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Transforming Evidence

3 days ago

Thanks to the work of fantastic authors @cptyler @drdbeswick @SarahFoxen @marcgeddes @Abbi_Hobbs + @d_christianrose, drawing on insights from 3 reports. https://t.co/2dJmkNGQnh

Transforming Evidence

3 days ago

Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: insights for #productivity. Prof @leaza_mcsorley shares with us her experience working on the Government Office for Science programme to address #COVID_19 research priorities. cc @productivityNW https://t.co/FBwh4ks3MS

Leaza McSorley

4 days ago

Pleased to be part of @TPIProductivity Yorkshire, Humber & North East Regional Productivity Forum bringing together business, policymakers and academics. Read more about my work on priorities for productivity: https://t.co/Kt47gxfg6a @TransformUre @productivityNW @bart_ark https://t.co/WUDyfi5gg6

Transforming Evidence

4 days ago

Fantastic idea @AlexStevensKent. cc @AnnetteBoaz one for our list! https://t.co/OAsLrGmOTv

Transforming Evidence

4 days ago

@_criminologist @AlexStevensKent @oliver_kathryn @AnnetteBoaz @RANDEurope As is being done by excellent colleagues @ChrisCvitanovic and others in environmental science!


5 days ago

Three job opportunities for analysts to investigate financial sustainability issues in the UK Research & Innovation System and help set direction for policy interventions @UKRI_News @UoN_Institute @UoMPolicy @CSciPol find out more below ⬇️

Alex Sutherland

5 days ago

@AlexStevensKent @TransformUre @oliver_kathryn @AnnetteBoaz reminds me of the @RANDEurope work on funding of mental health research https://t.co/E8pzcG1hWM

Alex Stevens

6 days ago

Interesting article by Elizabeth Farely-Ripple, @oliver_kathryn, @AnnetteBoaz on the connections (or lack of them) between different fields studying the use of research evidence. We (including me) need to escape our 'disciplinary silos'. https://t.co/2raXMTobOm #EBP #SNA #URE https://t.co/NAQrjKJI1q

Transforming Evidence

5 days ago

Check out @IDS_UK's upcoming short course, 'Shaping Policy with Evidence', from June 22 https://t.co/imt3evyH2y

Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN)

1 week ago

@TransformUre are running a free workshop bringing together academics, researchers, journalists and funders to discuss the role of the media in influencing the relationship between university research and policy. https://t.co/2ZURgR5DMv

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