Frejus Thoto

Executive Director, ACED


Evidence-Policy-Action Connector

I am passionate about knowledge management. I am a strong believer that knowledge is the most crucial asset for individuals, organisations, and nations. So, in my career and my work with local communities and policymakers in West Africa, it is natural to advocate for evidence generation and use. I manage ACED, a ‘think and do tank’ based in Benin that works on connecting evidence to policy and action. We go beyond research reports and conferences to ensure evidence leads to concrete action on the field. In my spare time I work as a policy researcher for organisations such as the World Bank and FAO. In 2020, I won the Africa Evidence Leadership Award.

Impact of connecting evidence to policy and action

Going beyond evidence generation and use in policies to embrace how we measure and demonstrate it is making an impact in the field.

Ecosystem for evidence-informed policymaking

Adopting a systemic perspective to analyse, understand and improve how different organisations and individuals interact to generate, share and use evidence.

Agricultural policies

Because I am an agricultural economist, my work around evidence use is mainly focused on the agricultural sector and related fields.

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