Louise Shaxson

Researcher and freelance consultant


Working to improve evidence-informed policymaking and knowledge brokering

For the past 20 years I have worked to improve evidence-informed policymaking and knowledge brokering as a policy advisor, researcher, research manager and management consultant. I’ve worked on evidence-related issues in Government departments in the UK and have consulted to departments at national and state level in Canada, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. I’ve also helped academic researchers and think-tankers consider how to influence policy and practice with their work.

Understanding how Government uses evidence

I’m currently taking a break from full-time employment to focus on my PhD, studying the internal structures, processes and relationships UK Government departments develop to strengthen their use of evidence. I’m particularly interested in how departments balance the need for a lot of high-quality evidence with the imperative to manage diminishing public sector budgets wisely, all within policymaking issues and processes that are becoming increasingly complex.

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