Stephen Meek

Director, Institute for Policy and Engagement, University of Nottingham


The Institute for Policy and Engagement connects research and researchers from the University with policymakers and public.

I am also presently chair of the Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) which brings together similar functions across more than 50 Universities to share knowledge and act as a single gateway for policy makers.

The Institute is part of CAPE (Capabilities in Academic and Policy Engagement), a £4 million RE funded programme to identify what works in bringing evidence and policy together.

Former policymaker

I am a former senior civil servant in UK Government, with insights into, and interest in, how policy is made, and how it is informed by evidence.

Knowledge broker

I am interested in how best to engage the academy with policymakers nationally, locally and globally.

Public engagement

I am interested in public engagement, how engaging the public can be a complement to policy impact and influence, and seeing policymakers as one of a number of “publics”, rather than in isolation.

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