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Transforming Evidence shares expertise about how evidence is produced and used.

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We’re a community of scholars, practitioners, funders and others interested in the use of evidence.

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We identify and undertake key research about the sharing, generation and use of evidence.

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Science and Public Policy

Developing systems for science advice to governments and parliament

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Transforming Evidence is developing its governance structures.


We are recruiting an Advisory Board that combines the expertise of our key stakeholders.

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1 week ago

Only two weeks left! We are thrilled to welcome @GeoffMulgan, @AnnetteBoaz, @PeterGluckman, @MarikenLeurs & @KathrynNewcomer as members of our opening panel at our Knowledge Brokering seminar! We can’t wait to learn from their wisdom. Info & registration: https://t.co/soIx7sRAUU https://t.co/hYfoyTOHgd

Professor Paul Cairney

1 week ago

Jane Tinkler

1 week ago

As I am here for ALL the challenges to the UK impact agenda this looks 👀👀. (Waves to @oliver_kathryn @AnnetteBoaz @anna_nhopkins @CairneyPaul) https://t.co/xoFOgJDicO

Professor Paul Cairney

1 week ago

Are research-policy engagement activities informed by policy theory and evidence? 7 challenges to the UK impact agenda https://t.co/oB9JJXs1oN

Dr. Leila Wood

1 week ago

New publication from @DrGuillotWright and colleagues that will be of interest to macro social work folx! #SocialWorkTwitter #policy @UTMB_ViolPrev https://t.co/T502ZKTkri

Diksha Singh

1 week ago

How do we maximize the #impact of research? New paper summarises what could work based on data from 346 organisations. Lessons for funders and researchers - moving from a linear/push approach to a systems approach requires investing in new skillsets, institutionalising engagement https://t.co/pCM41Mm2Zo

Transforming Evidence

1 week ago

@pjsimpso @DrGuillotWright @CairneyPaul @anna_nhopkins @oliver_kathryn @AnnetteBoaz @UTMB_ViolPrev @utmbnews Hi Paul! Glad you enjoyed. Details of the project and the data we've made available are here (dataset is now bigger!): https://t.co/yzR8CYvuMW

1 week ago

Have you chosen which of the 104 #AfricaEvidenceWeek2021 activities you will join? See details on all the WEEK's events on the full programme, live on #AENwebsite: https://t.co/XqG7ONRtAB Not showcasing your work? Just follow #AfricaEvidenceWeek2021 & you won't miss any event! https://t.co/SqLpYpzX2w

Shannon Guillot-Wright, PhD

1 week ago

New publication alert! “We seek to answer, but also widen, the implicit question: in what should we invest if we seek to maximize the impact of research?" @anna_nhopkins @oliver_kathryn @AnnetteBoaz @CairneyPaul @TransformUre @UTMB_ViolPrev @utmbnews https://t.co/6N5S7gvG1y

Transforming Evidence

2 months ago

Bridging the divide between social science and the media? Challenges and practical tips for social scientists from our recent workshop #TransformURE https://t.co/yEcOTZV5nf https://t.co/td2tsC2gVE

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