Anna Numa Hopkins

Senior Researcher, Transforming Evidence. Policy Engagement Lead, NORRAG.


I am researcher and engagement specialist working to share critical and under-represented research. My research interests are in the politics of knowledge, in particular in relation to racialisation.

I am a researcher and engagement practitioner interested in how knowledge is made, shared and used. As a research engagement professional, I specialise in bringing people with different kinds of expertise together to make and share knowledge that is relevant to real-world issues, while attending to knowledge inequities and injustices. I am PhD researcher interested in the politics and practices of knowledge production and sharing, in particular in relation to racialisation and anti-racism. I also have experience working on research projects that study how knowledge is made and shared.

Anna Numa Hopkins speaking at a Transforming Evidence workshop

Mobilising and sharing knowledge

How we live in the world and what we know about the world are two sides of the same coin. To me, thinking about how we make and share knowledge is important because it is so central to how we make and remake our worlds. In my knowledge mobilisation work I aim to both practice and reflect on how to navigate the social impacts of research; engaging organisations and communities in knowledge production and sharing; collaborations that aim to bridge different kinds of expertise; supporting the use of research; and the complex issues that structure knowledge inequities and injustices.

I have worked with people from charities, NGOs, funding agencies, policy organisations, academia and independent research, on projects that bring people together to make and share knowledge that is relevant to real-world issues. Many of these projects involve working collaboratively in ways that create dialogue between research and practitioner dialogue, as well as expertise of different kinds.

I work with NORRAG to support organisations in education policy and practice to use under-represented expertise to inform their work, with a particular focus on issues of global knowledge equity. I also work freelance on research and knowledge sharing projects, aiming to connect knowledge and action to support projects in education, higher education and research.

Knowledge politics and practices

I am an ESRC-funded doctoral student in the Warwick University Department of Sociology. I am interested in the politics of knowledge production, sharing and use, in particular in relation to racialisation. 

My PhD research looks at how scholars and their collaborators - including those in advocacy, activism, policy, practice, and the third sector - produce and share anti-racist knowledge. It is focused on the knowledge politics and practices involved in making and sharing research that is oriented to social change. Themes include knowledge sharing and democratisation; the knowledge politics of anti-racism; and racialisation, race-thinking and coloniality in academic research and higher education.

Research on research

I'm interested in 'meta' questions about knowledge production and sharing: what knowledge is made and shared, how and by whom, as well as who uses it, and for what. I have done research on knowledge production and use, including with Transforming Evidence, mapping research-policy interaction and studying collaborative research processes. 

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