Jonathan Breckon

Senior Associate, Transforming Evidence.


My focus is the smarter use of research and how it can improve public policy and peoples’ lives.

My focus is the smarter use of research, from across all disciplines and all methods, and how it can improve public policy and peoples’ lives.I have over two decades of experience mobilising research to improve policy and practice, a mix of hands-on delivery, as well as developing new organisations, strategies and systemic change.

Brokering and communication

Communicating research to inform decision-making, mostly from social science and social policy, but also other disciplines, including arts, humanities, and science, and other areas of public life and policy

Creating institutions and networks

I am an adviser, host, creator, and partner to eight of the What Works Centres in the UK, and other evidence intermediary organisations in UK, France, and Canada. Set up the Alliance for Useful Evidence with network of 5,000 individuals

Advocacy and thought-leadership

I have written and researched over 20 reports, guides, toolkits, and book chapters, ranging advocacy of quantitative skill, to methodological guides, and advocated for evidence with politicians and elected officials

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