Rachel Abudu

PhD student with interests in impact assessment of research funding, science policy and priority setting, and evidence bases for public health policymaking.


As a doctoral candidate at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, I research how research funders assess the impact of their investments.

My thesis will examine the health and research impacts of an international, multi-funder portfolio of cancer research and how well the impacts of this portfolio both align with the needs of patients and carers and are primed for policymaking.

Research impact assessment

I am interested in the ways in which research funders approach evaluation and impact assessment of their research portfolios. Some of my special areas of interest within this topic include big-data tools that may be available to aid funders and researchers in performing impact assessment, the relationship between impact and research relevance/priority setting, and the use of patient and public involvement within impact assessment of research portfolios. 

Evidence-bases for public health policymaking

I am interested in the ways in which research portfolios and their associated impacts can be examined as evidence-bases for public health policymaking, and if and how research funders may be able to prime their research funding for the development of better evidence bases for policymaking.

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