Ruth Mayne

Senior Researcher, Oxfam


In my current role as a senior researcher at Oxfam, I conduct collaborative research on ‘Influencing & Campaigning’ - what it is, what strategies work under what conditions, what are the gaps, context and trends.

Evidence plays an important role in all many types of influencing whether in relation to policy makers, business, civil society organisations, public. To date, my research has involved a meta review of 20 of Oxfam’s influencing initiatives and a number of research papers including on the use of evidence for influencing, influencing behaviour and practices, and the evolution of influencing in Oxfam’s work. I am currently working on a project called 'Inspiring the Futures', which draws out insights from 18 cases studies about how to achieve radical, transforming and inclusive change at scale in challenging contexts.

The use of evidence for influencing

I am interested in the role that evidence can play in different fields such as the influence it has on government policy or behaviours. What types of evidence and methods work to influence policy makers and other audiences and under what conditions? What examples of good practice are there? What complementary influencing strategies are needed to achieve change?

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