Vivian Tseng

Senior Vice President, William T. Grant Foundation


I lead the Foundation’s initiatives to connect research, policy, and practice to improve child and youth outcomes.

In 2009, I launched the Foundation’s initiative on the use of research evidence in policy and practice. That programme has generated over 60 studies and informed the grant making programs of private and public funders across the country. I have been instrumental in expanding research-practice partnerships and in efforts to democratise evidence.

Research on Research Use

I am interested in theoretical and empirical studies that examine ways to improve the use of research evidence in policy and practice

Democratising evidence

Democratising evidence is about ensuring that diverse stakeholders, particularly those most closely situated to the issues, have the power and opportunity to shape the production and use of research evidence.

Research-practice partnerships

Research-practice partnerships are long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations to bring research to bear on problems of practice.

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