Short Course: Shaping Policy with Evidence (online)

Applications are now open for the Institute of Development Studies online course 'Shaping Policy with Evidence' in June 2021.

29 . 04 . 2021

This Short Course from the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) aims to equip participants with the concepts, skills and competencies required to operate more effectively at the interface between policy and research.

Course aims

There is increasing pressure on government officials, research programmes and NGOs to make better use of evidence to produce viable policy options. Influencing decision makers and contributing to policy formulation and implementation with research requires an explicit focus on power and politics – seeking ways to promote positive change in highly complex policy environments.

The IDS invites research programme managers, government officials and policy advocates to explore what is meant by evidence, whose knowledge really counts and how you can more effectively engage and shape policy with evidence. You will acquire conceptually rigorous tools for analysing policy context, identifying and assessing policy relevant research and framing it for policy. The course attracts a diverse range of evidence producers and users, advisors and advocates, which provides you with a unique opportunity to share learning and reflect on your own organisational context and how to make better use of research.

Who should attend?

The programme is ideally suited to those leading policy and research in their organisation or programme who are seeking to enhance their evidence literacy and policy engagement capacity to become more effective advocates for social change.

How you’ll learn

The online programme combines lectures, peer learning webinars, group work, and presentations. Through the course, you will develop a framework for strengthening evidence-informed policy and practice focused around specific aspects of evidence literacy and adaptive policy engagement.

The course will run over five weeks starting on Tuesday 22 June and finishing on Thursday 22 July.

It will require six to eight hours of your time per week. This will consist of a mix of lectures and webinars, small group sessions, facilitated group work and self-directed learning.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Re-evaluate your organisation’s or programme’s use of evidence and theories of change.
  • Adapt to fast-changing policy demands and deploy new tools for understanding how change happens in a particular context.
  • Systematically identify and appraise policy relevant evidence.
  • Frame research for policy and practice and develop compelling evidence informed policy offers.

For more information please visit the IDS Website here. 

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