Workshops over two years designed to develop Transforming Evidence thinking and community

Applications invited to secure places and funding at series of workshop

16 . 02 . 2020

Transforming Evidence has secured funding to support a series of workshops over the next two years to support conversations in its community.

Transforming Evidence co-lead, Annette Boaz, in discussion with Paul Cairney at a TE workshop

Following our inaugural meeting, it became clear that further discussion was required to establish existing knowledge and genuine research gaps. To do this, we will be running workshops with several goals in mind.

They will bring together researchers, practitioners and policymakers with a shared topic or methodological interest, from across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries.

Goal of workshops

The workshops will share existing knowledge and agree how to make this more widely known. They will also work collaboratively to establish genuine knowledge gaps Where appropriate, the workshops will liaise with our funders to share these research programmes

Each workshop will ideally lead to a co-authored publication on the state of the evidence, and a research agenda. Where we can, we will facilitate discussions between workshop participants and funders who are investing in this area. Workshops will be up to 1 day in length. Dates and details will be published when available.

Current planned topics include:

  • Coproduction: bringing together insights from health, development and management studies
  • A critical history of the evidence use movement
  • Argumentation, rhetoric and persuasion
  • Ethical engagement: perspectives from research, policy and the media
  • Institutions, intermediaries and boundary-spanners

We are keen to broaden our networks, so please share this invitation widely. If you would like to attend a workshop, please write to us stating, in no more than 300 words.

Making an application

To make the most of the funding we have, we will reserve funding for those who do not have other sources of support. Places at the workshops are limited, but we will aim to include a diverse set of participants and share the findings widely.

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