'Three lessons from evidence-based medicine and policy: increase transparency, balance inputs and understand power.'

Published by: Palgrave Communications, (2017) 3(1), 43

A review and comparison of the Evidence-Based Policy EBP) and Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) literatures highlights three key themes. The authors argue that EBP could learn from EBM: Firstly, to be more transparent about the processes and structures used to find and use evidence. Secondly, to consider how to balance evidence and other interests, and how to assemble the evidence jigsaw. Finally–and this is a lesson for EBM too–that understanding power is vital, and how it shapes how knowledge is produced and used. We suggest that advocates of evidence use, and commentators, should focus on thinking about how the type of problem faced by decision-makers should influence what evidence is produced, sought, and used.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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