Making and Using Evidence: Humanities and Social Sciences Communications Collection

Published by: Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (HSS)

There is a diverse community of policymakers, funders, scholars, and practitioners of different types all working in the field of evidence use. This diversity is a strength for the academic field of ‘evidence, policy and practice studies’, in that multiple theories, approaches, interventions and initiatives have been tried and developed. Yet, it has also led to extremely valuable work being contained within silos, or research/practice developments being duplicated in different disciplinary areas – for example, public policy, health sciences, public health, and environmental/conservation sciences all have their own theoretical stances on evidence use, and their own empirical traditions. This is both wasteful of scarce resources, and risks leading to a stagnation of the field.

We are therefore happy to share this multi-disciplinary collection of papers including empirical, methodological and theoretical work. We have welcomed insights from all geographic perspectives, to ensure that the global community working in this area is reflected. This growing collection of studies aims to provide truly novel insights into how evidence for policy and practice is made, negotiated, translated and used, from theoretical, methodological and practical perspectives. We introduce the collection with an editorial, Transforming evidence: creating space for new conversations.

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