Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: Working Group Reports

Published by: Government Office for Science (GOS)

The Rebuilding a Resilient Britain programme was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, to address aspects of Britain's recovery from the pandemic over the medium-to long-term.

UK Government Departments are asked to identify and publish priority evidence gaps called Areas of Research Interest (ARIs). Transforming Evidence co-leads and ESRC-ARI Fellows Professor Annette Boaz and Dr Kathryn Oliver, funded by ESRC and working with the Government Office for Science team and Government Chief Scientific Advisers, identified a set of topics and themes based on existing departmental ARIs that should be addressed as a priority. These ARIs were divided into 9 themes, which were addressed by 9 Task-and-Finish groups consisting of researchers, funding bodies, intermediaries, policy analysts, civil servants and policy makers.

Each Group produced a report identifying existing evidence, gaps in the evidence base, and key messages around the ARIs (note that the reports are the views of the working group members and are not indicative of government policy).

The reports have been made available online as a resource for academics, policy makers and funders.

  1. Vulnerable Communities
  2. Supporting Services
  3. Trust in Public Institutions
  4. Crime Prevention
  5. Supporting Lower-Carbon Local Economies
  6. Land Use
  7. The Future of Work
  8. Local and National Growth
  9. Trade and Aid

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