Stephen MacGregor

PhD Candidate, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada


As a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, I research how education stakeholders, particularly higher education institutions, can build their capacity in knowledge mobilisation to promote and support research impact. I work as an external evaluator for Research Impact Canada, and I am a member of Advancing Research Impact in Society.

Knowledge Mobilisation

I use the term knowledge mobilisation to refer to the efforts undertaken to improve the connections among research production, mediation, and the use of contexts to enhance decision making and societal outcomes.

Network Theory and Analysis

Network theory and analysis concerns the flows of information among individuals and groups in a set of actors (i.e., a network), and how actors’ network position determines their opportunities and constraints.

Mixed Methods

Mixed methods deals with the collection, analysis, and integration of qualitative and quantitative data sources to strengthen the veracity of inferences.

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