Evidence Intermediary Organisations: Moving beyond a definitional morass

Published by: Transforming Evidence

There has been a remarkable growth in evidence intermediaries bridging research with policy and practice. A recent report found there are over 300 institutions in 31 countries focused on bridging research with policy. Yet the 2022 Global Commission on Evidence called for more intermediaries to ‘fill the gaps left by the government’.

Our report is a review of the literature and takes into account a series of seminars we organised. It also brings Transforming Evidence's experience from over three decades of providing leadership and advice for over 20 different evidence intermediary organisations and networks in Australia, Canada, France, UK and US. We include our knowledge of every stage of the lifecycle of an evidence intermediary body, including scoping, commissioning, leading, advising, sustaining, researching, and evaluating new, existing, or closed organisations.

(PDF / 1.38 MB)

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